The big kid


Quentin Carter, the instructor with the biggest sense of humour, and a care factor that is just as big (don’t tell him, I told you that, he’s got a tough reputation to keep up)! Quentin can be seen flying his mustang around Caboolture to Sunshine airfields if he is not instructing. Check out a few of his insightful but simple replies to our Q & A session:)


My Dad built my plane under the house when I was a kid, I didn’t have much choice!

I was 24 when I got my GFPT, and have been flying since 6 years old.

I was inspired to teach and love it. Otherwise, only private flying.

Left seat of a Beech Skipper LBO Rwy 04 @ Archerfield.  Don’t f@#k it up!

Doug Field (Looking for a pay raise, huh QC?)

Semi retiring gave me the time to be able to get my instructor rating, helping people master the art is great fun.

I love working with a great bunch of people that have a common goal. 

Pretty hard to beat Moreton Bay, Whitsundays isn’t bad either.