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Unlock more destinations! Adding a controlled airspace endorsement onto your CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) is a great way to open up the opportunity for more adventures and improve flight safety. Maybe you want to take the coastal route through the Sunshine or Gold Coast for the chance to spot some of the amazing sea life or you’ve encountered adverse weather on your flight plan track and would prefer to fly through controlled airspace to avoid high terrain. This course will give you the confidence to not only operate in controlled airspace but manage any possible emergencies that may arise. 

Completion of this course will give you a Controlled Airspace & Aerodrome Endorsement on your CASA RPL, an all-access pass to the best locations on offer and improved flight safety.

What are the medical requirements?
As this endorsement is added to a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) RPL, you would need to hold a medical recognised by CASA. The different classes of medicals can be found here.

What aircraft do we use for the course?
We generally use our Cessna 180 but in some cases like refresher training, we have the ability to use our Eurofoxes (a more cost-effective solution). Check out our aircraft here

How much does it cost?
Check out our current rates here.