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Overview: Up to 6 consecutive half-day training blocks full-time (part-time options available).

Unlock more destinations! Adding a Controlled Airspace Endorsement to your CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) is a great way enjoy more flying adventures, that are further afield. This endorsement allows you to transit along the beautiful coastlines of Australia, whilst travelling through controlled airspace and high density areas. Additionally, this endorsement provides pilots with more options in the event that they encounter adverse weather on their flight path.

Like all of our courses, the RPL is designed to be completed in a short, fully immersive training block. This creates the ideal training environment to achieve your goals. It not only improves retention rates of new information and skills, but it allows our instructors to spend one-on-one time with you, tailoring the course to your individual learning needs. 

Completion of this course will give you a Controlled Airspace & Aerodrome Endorsement on your CASA RPL, an all-access pass to the best locations on offer and improved flight safety.

What aircraft do we use for the course?
Piper Super Cub

CASA RPL Controlled Airspace/Aerodrome Endorsement

Fly through controlled airspace and land at controlled aerodromes
$ 4854*
  • This is an estimate and based on the following:
  • Flying Hours (Piper Super Cub) = 9 Hours @ $378/hour = $3402
  • Instructor Time = 4 Half-days @ $363/day = $1452
  • Course Deposit - $2500

*This endorsement is competency based. The time and cost required to complete this course will vary from student to student and is influenced by external factors like weather. Please note there are no legal minimum hours required to complete this course, it is purely based on pilot competency in accordance with the CASA Manual of Standards.

Note: It is common for students that hold an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate to use training for this endorsement integrated with training for a conversion to a CASA Recreational Pilot Licence. Please note it is important for the pilot to have all of the paperwork in place. Please find more information about converting the CASA RPL here.