Learn the art of formation flying and hone your skills with the formation experts who teach what they do! Our formation instructors regularly practice their skills, even doing formation aerobatics.

At Stick ‘n Rudder we use the same technique that military pilots use for their formation training.

At the conclusion of the Formation Flying Course you will be eligible for a CASR Part 61 Formation Flight Activity Endorsement. This course involves a minimum of 6 hours of flying plus briefings and focuses on developing the formation fundamentals required of both a lead pilot and wingman in a two-ship formation.

What are the medical requirements?
There’s a few medical options for this licence. Check out CASA Medicals. If you’re unsure please contact us.

What aircraft do we use for the course?
Eurofox 2K – Click here for the aircraft information.

Pitts S2A – Click here for the aircraft information.
(this is used if you hold a CASA license and want to have the flight activity added)

How much does it cost?
You can see our hourly rates for dual and private hire here.

Previous Experience Required?
Completed Recreational Pilots Certificate
Completed Recreational Pilots License (or Private/ Commercial Pilots License)