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A Spinning Endorsement is the ultimate defensive flying course! Not only will you learn how to recognise and recover from a fully developed spin, you will have greater confidence in your piloting skills throughout the aircraft’s full flight envelope. This is achieved through increasing your knowledge of the subject and simulating flight scenarios that can lead to stall/spins and their accurate recovery.

Stick ‘n Rudder’s training syllabus goes above and beyond the legal minimum and employs some of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics instructors.

What does our course cover?
Perform upright spins above 3,000 ft AGL

What can you add onto this training?
This course includes all of the great elements of our Upset Prevention & Recovery Training course and forms the foundation for an aerobatics endorsement.

What aircraft do we use for the course?
Pitts S2A – Click here for the aircraft information.

How much does it cost?
This course takes around 3-4 hours of dual training to complete, along with a few briefings. Click here for rates. 

Previous experience required:
This training can be completed during the transition from an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate to a CASA Recreational Pilot Licence – this is a very common scenario and one which we highly endorse. Alternatively the spin endorsement can be added onto any CASA issues licences (RPL, PPL or CPL).