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Increase your confidence with superior knowledge and skills to manage an aeroplane throughout its full flight envelope. 

Our specialised aerobatic aeroplanes allowed us to create this unique defensive flying course to improve your recognition, prevention and recovery from undesired aircraft states. Using scenario-based training methods we’ll recreate situations in which pilots commonly mishandle the aeroplane and give the skills to prevent a repeat of history. 

This is a life-saving course and we recommend ALL pilots should undertake this training.

What does our course cover?

What can you do?

This course is NOT designed to teach you:

This course does form the foundation to safely manage mishandled aerobatics, however, it is critical that you do not attempt to conduct spins or aerobatics without completing adequate training. View our aerobatics here

Typical timeframe to complete the course:
3-4 hours

What aircraft do we use for the course?
Pitts S2A – Click here for the aircraft information.

How much does it cost?
You can see our hourly rates for dual and private hire here.

Previous experience required:
Completed Recreational Pilot Certificate