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Our main purpose at Stick ‘n Rudder is to provide the best flight training possible, whilst having plenty of fun along the way. 

Unlike most flight schools, we have designed our courses to be undertaken as short, fully immersive training blocks. Stick ‘n Rudder’s Owner and Chief Flying Instructor, Doug Field has spent more than 15 years in the air. During this time, he’s learned that the most efficient way to develop a new skill is to practice it regularly. We are determined to help you achieve your flying goals and we want you to approach your training with the same level of commitment. 

From day one, you will be taking off in a tailwheel aircraft as we believe that tailwheel pilots, make better pilots. The aircraft’s design encourages you to develop superior stick and rudder skills, especially during take off and landing. It also allows you to discover airstrips that are off the beaten track. 

Learning to fly with Stick ‘n Rudder isn’t just about becoming a great pilot. It’s about connecting with like minded people, exploring the roads less travelled and reaping the rewards of stepping out of your comfort zone.