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Stick ‘n Rudder was founded through a love and desire to provide the best training possible. This is why we use tailwheel aircraft from day 1 and our “learn to fly” courses go above and beyond the legal minimum requirements. From day 1 with us, you will feel and experience this passion our instructors have in the quality and service of training you will receive. 

We are accredited and approved to provide flight training for both Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certificates and licences, however your training isn’t just about meeting regulatory minimums, it’s about making you the best pilot you can possibly be. All of our instructors have significant experience beyond teaching someone how to fly a plane (although this is something we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of), they are skilled in advanced aircraft handling from their real-world aerobatics, formation and bush flying experience. Our courses meet and exceed the regulatory minimums, particularly in the areas of advanced aircraft handling. Your training will incorporate all the fundamental elements of our advanced flying courses, particularly upset prevention recovery training to ensure you are safe, competent and confident when taking to the skies on your aviation adventures. 

The most important aspect about learning to fly with Stick ‘n Rudder is your experience will be fun filled, full of adventure with like minded individuals. This will include having a coffee at our espresso bar, tagging along on one of our fly expeditions, attending a flying competition at aviators paradise – Archerfalls Airfield, or private hiring one of our planes. Let’s turn your dreams into reality.