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Overview: Up to 15 days full-time (part-time options available).

The Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) is administered by Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus). This certificate is designed to allow pilots to enjoy flying for fun at an affordable price. Whether you’re considering flying for recreational or professional purposes, it’s a great place to start. 

We have designed this course to be completed in full or part-time training blocks as we believe this is the best way to ensure you achieve your goal of becoming a pilot. Learning to fly is like learning any new skill. If it is not practiced regularly, the skill is not effectively retained and ultimately the desired competency takes much longer to achieve. Here at Stick ‘n Rudder, we plan to turn your dreams into reality and our fully immersive training courses allow this to happen!

Completion of the course will not only give you an RPC but also a Tailwheel Endorsement, which allows you to enjoy the freedoms of bush flying and other fun flying activities.

How old must you be?
While you can learn to fly from any age, you cannot go solo before you are 15. As a result, we don’t recommend that you conduct many lessons before the age of 15.

What are the medical requirements?
Your medical health should be of the equivalent to hold a private motor vehicle license. If you are over the age of 75 or have other certain medical conditions you may require a letter from your GP. If you’re unsure please contact us.

What aircraft do we use for the course?
Eurofox 2K – Click here for the aircraft information.

How much does it cost?

Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC)

Learn to fly aircraft up to 600kg
$ 10,345*
  • This is an estimate and based on the following:
  • Flying Hours (Eurofox 2K Tailwheel) = 25 Hours @ $196/hour = $4900
  • Instructor Time = 9 Days @ $605/day = $5445
  • Course Deposit - $5000

*This certificate is competency based. The time and cost required to complete this course will vary from student to student and is influenced by external factors like weather. The legal minimum hours to complete this course is 20 hours of flying + a flight test with our Chief Flying Instructor.

Previous experience required?
None at all! This is where your flying journey begins.