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The Eurofox are factory-built two-seat aircraft manufactured by Aeropro in Slovakia. Aeropro has been producing aircraft since 1990 with now over 500 aircraft now flying around the world. The Eurofox has modern designs with excellent performance and features — built with the finest workmanship and materials resulting in a completed aircraft of the highest quality. The EuroFOX is a real aircraft in every respect. It is joy to fly and own, extremely comfortable with responsive, coordinated controls which immerse the pilot in the pleasure of flight. With class leading visibility, the Euro provides true agility and tremendous satisfaction for the pilot and passenger.

Stick ‘n Rudder currently operates 2 Eurofox aircraft and we have plans to increase our fleet in the near future.

No aeroplane has played a bigger role in the evolution of aerobatics than the Pitts Special. Designed by Curtis Pitts, the Pitts Special was first flown in 1944 and quickly rose to fame after dominating aerobatic competitions. The aeroplanes innovative design meant it was the first to display the performance and agility we see at airshows today. In fact, it became the standard by which all other aerobatic aircraft were judged. Seventy years on, it’s still in production.

We currently operate 2 Pitts S2A aircraft in partnership with Max Aviation.