Flying with the Fields

“One small plane, helping small business”

To keep our students safe during the outbreak of Coronavirus, we made the decision to temporarily stop training at our flight school, Stick ‘n Rudder in South East Queensland. Rather than waiting for these turbulent times to pass, we knew we needed to adapt and make lemonade out of life’s unexpected lemons. But most importantly, we felt the need to help the community during this challenging time.

And so the idea for “Flying with the Fields” was born. Join us on our YouTube channel as we adventure around Queensland in our small plane, sharing the stories of other businesses that have been affected by this pandemic. You’ll hear how they are evolving and remaining positive during these uncertain times.

If you'd like to keep this project up in the air, fly on over to our Go Fund Me page and drop off a dollar or two. All the funds raised will help us reach more small businesses in need, as well as support the ongoing production of the show. We hope our stories shine a light on the resilient businesses and characters we visit, inspire you during these difficult times and maybe we might just get a laugh or two out of you too!

Are you ready for take-off!?