Clandestino Coffee – Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

There are two things in life bring us a significant amount of joy; coffee and of course, aviation. Now, you can only imagine our excitement when we discovered Clandestino Coffee. This specialty coffee roaster, bean supplier and café has combined their love of coffee with their flying roots.

So, “why the aviation theme?” we hear you ask. Well, it all started back in 1970 before Clandestino’s owner, Jaxon Taylor was even born. His old man, Perry Taylor was a pilot for Macair in Papua New Guinea. He was sent on clandestine (adjective: kept secret or done secretively) flights, carrying precious cargo like gold, silver and arabica beans. It was during these years that coffee became part of Perry’s daily ritual, keeping him alert while navigating rugged mountains and steep airstrips.

Clandestino pays homage to Perry’s past whilst brewing coffee fit for the 21st century. Owner, Jaxon regularly travels to origin to source coffee beans of the highest quality. Once the beans have been selected and roasted in house, they are distributed to a number of cafés, restaurants and businesses around the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

As you walk through the café doors two things grab your attention; the undeniable smell of freshly ground coffee and a plane that is suspended from the ceiling. We’re not sure whether it’s the plane or the delightful aromas that’s got us hooked, but this is probably the coolest roastery and café we’ve ever stepped foot in!

See it for yourself:

Located in Belmondos Organic Market, 2/59 Rene Street, Noosaville

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