Storytelling through art.

Minjerribah or North Stradbroke Island has always held a special place in our hearts. There is so much to love about this little slice of paradise that lies off the east coast of Brisbane; the natural beauty, the feeling you get when your toes touch the sand and the warm, welcoming people who call this island home.  

Delevene Cockatoo-Collins is a Quandamooka and First Nations Artist and Designer who lives on Minjerribah. Her artwork tells the stories of her family’s lived experiences on the island, while honoring traditional art methods like mat making techniques and the use of clays and pigments found on the island. It’s through this creative process that she aims to preserve and share her family’s history.

Like many small businesses, Delvene was faced with some tough decisions in 2020. Rather than shutting her studio doors and waiting for the ‘Covid-storm’ to pass, she committed to making some big changes. In the past, Delvene’s work was only available for purchase from her studio in Dunwich. As an artist, she wanted to personally connect with her customers so she could share the stories behind her pieces. It was a compromise to migrate to the virtual world but as a result, people from around the world can now access her beautiful art. 

There is something truly special about Delvene, just like the island she calls home. Her strong connection to Minjerribah and her culture is infectious and we have no doubt that you will feel it too.  

Pop in to her studio: 7 Stradbroke Place, Dunwich – North Stradbroke Island 

Browse her online store: HERE.