Quirky camels and an eventful flight to get us there... welcome to Summer Land Camels!

Who would have thought that Queensland would be home to the largest camel dairy in Australia? Surprised? We were too! Summer Land Camels not only produce award-winning dairy but they’ve developed an incredible skincare range using camel’s milk as their “not-so secret” ingredient. But it doesn’t take long to realise that there’s more to this place than just milk and moisturiser! It’s about protecting and preserving these beautiful creatures while educating people along the way.

You may not know this but the world’s largest population of wild camels can be found in Australia! Unfortunately, these majestic mammals do cause a large amount of damage to pastoral land and have therefore been declared as pests. As a result, they are subject to culling but that’s where Summer Land Camels come in. They rescue these wild animals who would have otherwise been destroyed, and train them to produce award-winning dairy and skincare goods.

There’s plenty to see and do on the farm, including getting to know the friendly camels, joining an educational farm tour or hopping on a camel ride. There’s also an on site cafe that serves up the very best of their camel dairy cuisine as well as local Scenic Rim produce. While you’re there, you can browse the farm store and we guarantee you won’t be leaving empty handed!

Pay Summer Land Camels a virtual visit HERE.