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We’ve been in the industry for over two decades and know our tailwheel aircraft inside and out. If you want to buy or sell a tailwheel aircraft you’ve landed in the right place. 

Browse all of Australia and New Zealand’s tailwheel listings in one place!

Want to sell? We provide professional brokerage services that will save you time, ensure the sale is smooth and all parties are happy with the transaction. 

Want to buy, but it’s not listed? Don’t worry. We are well connected and there’s a good chance we’ll find you the right aircraft off market. 

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Stick ‘n Rudder was founded on a love of tailwheel flying. Founder Douglas Field first learnt in a tailwheel aircraft flying from a 300 metre grass strip with trees on both ends. He and his team live and breath tailwheel training and flying. 

Learning to fly tailwheel is for all pilots. It will improve your general aircraft handling skills and make you a better pilot. Even better though, tailwheel aircraft allowing you to explore where the nosewheel aircraft can’t. 

There’s no need to dream about flying, landing on the side of river and camping with your mates. You can do it! And we’ll show you how. If you can’t make it us don’t worry. We’ve written an online tailwheel course so you can learn the fundamentals to tailwheel flying before you learn the practical application with another training provider.


We have carefully crafted a select few items of that resinate with our brand. This is apparel for every adventurer, not just pilots, however their designs have been influenced by early aviators. 

In the late 1920s, pilot Arthur Affleck and Dr Kenyon Welch flew a D.H.50A (a tailwheel aircraft of course) in the first mission for the Australian Inland Mission (AIM), later renamed the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 10% of the proceeds raised from this apparel are proudly supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

These items are all 100% Australian made and aim to support local manufacturing. 


Stick ‘n Rudder was founded on a love of aviation, specifically, grassroots tailwheel flying. These were the good old days when pilots flew by the seat of their pants, judged the speed of their machine by the noise of the wind whistling in the control wires and the health of it, purely by the way it felt. Aviators of this time were pioneers. They flew over the next hill and through the next valley, to find untouched parts of wilderness where others had not been before. They shared their love of aviation and exploration, taking friends and family on unforgettable adventures.

Stick ‘n Rudder aims to continue this legacy by providing world-class tailwheel flight training both in the aeroplane and online. Additionally, we will continue to play host to and promote bush-flying adventures with like-minded individuals.

Stick ‘n Rudder is not just for pilots, it’s for every explorer – pilot your own adventure.



Tom Jamieson
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Stick ‘n Rudder provide endless opportunities to build your confidence. They’re a dedicated team of instructors who provide to you a rare balance of challenge and guidance within an integrated and highly efficient operation. If you are looking to be a better pilot in every aspect this is simply the best experience available! Thanks to Quentin, Cameron and Doug!!!
Erik Henry
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Hands down the best flight school I have encountered in my 18 years of flying, if you're wondering where to go for anything from an intro flight to advanced training - this is your place.
Brendan Barbe
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Amazing team and great instructors. I always leave with a smile on my face. I would highly recommend flying with the team at Stick 'n Rudder!!!!! Keep up the great work👍
Tadhg F.
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Bloody legends - Love the online learning content too