Introductory Flight

Take the controls under the guidance of our friendly,
skilled instructors — prepare for serious fun!

You're the pilot!

Take the first step to become a qualified pilot. You’ll be climbing, descending and turning before you know it!
After this experience, you might like to take our Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) Course.

Experience the beauty of Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast from above.


Once airborne, you can take over the controls & experience full-flight!


Visit a bush airfield. Our tailwheel aircraft can go where nose-wheel aircraft can’t.


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It's heaps of fun, but don't just take our word for it...

Stick ’n Rudder provide endless opportunities to build your confidence. If you are looking to be a better pilot in every aspect, this is simply the best experience available!

Tom Jamieson

My partner got me this experience for my birthday and it was absolutely amazing and a must do for anyone. Doug was extremely professional and a very easy guy to get along with.

Les Wallace

A great place to learn to fly. Doug’s a professional, experienced and patient instructor who lets you learn at a rate that suits your competency. Best of all: the aeroplane! Highly recommend.

Lewis Back

What to expect on your first flight

Prepare to take to the skies as you discuss aerodynamics, aircraft controls and current weather conditions with your instructor.
Take off:
Our aircraft are designed for short field take-offs and landings so you'll be airborne before you know it.
Bush-strip landing:
Let us show you why tailwheel pilots have more fun as we do a quick stop and go at one of our bush training airfields.
Return to base:
Put your skills to the test and navigate your way back to the airfield.

Am I too old to be a pilot?

A Am I too old to be a pilot? Unlikely! If you’re determined, willing to learn and medically fit to drive a car there’s every