Recreational Pilot Certificate

Take to the skies with our short, immersive course to gain your initial pilot’s certification.

Start with the right foundation — become a tailwheel pilot!

Get airborne with a Recreational Pilot Certificate. Whether you want to fly for fun or for a profession, this is the first step towards getting your full Recreational Pilot’s Licence. We have seamlessly integrated our tailwheel endorsement into this course, so at its completion you can explore where the nose-wheel can’t.

It's no secret, flying tailwheel aircraft produces better aircraft handling skills.


Explore more of Australia with the confidence of knowing you can land in more places.


Experience exclusive landing locations!


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Includes flight and instructor time
*Course deposit is $5,000

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Includes flight and instructor time
*Course deposit is $5,000

Tailwheel flying will
help you

Improve your coordination using the stick and rudder, an essential flying skill!
Become more aware of energy management, so you are confident getting from point A to B.
Gain relevant skills that will allow you to improve pitch control accuracy.
Broaden your understanding and knowledge of aerodynamics, specifically angle of attack and flight path management.
Develop more effective sensory inputs which are required to accurately predict changes in aircraft performance.
Become more aware of drift during landing and how to correctly manipulate the controls to eliminate it.

It's heaps of fun, but don't just take our word for it...

Highly recommend, have just completed my RPC and was a fantastic experience. Instructors are super knowledgeable and helpful with just the right balance of challenge and support to keep the learning going.

Cameron Brandis

Awesome instruction with an experienced instructor. Amazing location and an aircraft with class! Can’t wait to fly with you again

Lachie Smart

Best training I’ve had so far and I actually enjoyed it. Great relaxed and enjoyable way to learn. Highly recommended

Dale Burrows

Interested in becoming a fully-fledged pilot?

Kickstart the process to become a qualified recreational pilot with Stick 'n Rudder.

Am I too old to be a pilot?

A Am I too old to be a pilot? Unlikely! If you’re determined, willing to learn and medically fit to drive a car there’s every