A New Year with New Goals

We’ve all just experienced it! Working ourselves to the bone in 2021 and the only thing that kept us going was the idea of holidays at the end of the year. Phew, you made it! 

While relaxing over the holidays you realised that last year you gave your all to everything and everyone but forgot to give yourself some love, coming to the conclusion that this year was the year you were going to do something for yourself and tick off that 2022 flying goal!

Tips to achieve your flying goals for 2022

In this blog, we highlight some tips on how to achieve your flying goals in 2022, whether that is becoming a pilot or completing your next flying achievement.

1. Break your goal into bite-sized chunks:

Let us know what your ultimate aviation goal is and we’ll help you develop a step-by-step training plan that works with your busy life. If we know what, then we can create the most economical and efficient way in which to achieve, but most of all having fun along the way enables you to share your newfound love with family and friends. 

Doing it in steps, rather than one big hit, is more manageable, and we all want to feel like we are ticking things off our list!  Doing it in steps means you’ll have an interim goal or license to build upon whilst soaring through the skies along the way. 

Our flying courses are designed to be completed in short, fully immersive training blocks (full or part-time) as this fosters higher learning and retention rates. We will develop a personalised training plan to ensure your flying goal is achieved on budget, in the planned time frame, and to the highest standards.

2. Learn to fly – Priceless! These tips will help you save money while on your aviation journey!

Do your homework! Yes, it’s true, your parents were right all those years ago 😉 As with any training, hard work and dedication are required. We recommend purchasing and reading the BOB TAIT BAK book and/or completing advanced endorsements prior to your course. This will allow better use of your time in the air with your dedicated instructor. 

Take advantage of the resources that we provide once you have enrolled in your course of interest. 

Set a savings plan, and a savings goal. We are clear on what our training courses include and pricing. Use these figures to set your financial goals and stick to them. Maybe create a separate savings account from other funds using fee-free accounts.

Get ready to commit because at Stick ‘n Rudder we are committed to you and your goals. 

Help us help you achieve your 2022 goals!

We know that life is hectic and achieving your goals around a busy schedule can be challenging.

Let us help you achieve your 2022 flying goals – all you need to do is answer the below questions to help us learn more about you and your flying dreams. To help you get started we’ve got some giveaways to prop you up.  

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