Muz gains his CASA Flight Review

Dads are our everyday heroes who constantly save the day and keep the family together but is this superhero really soaring through the air? 

We have the perfect gift for your Superhero Dad this Father’s Day. Let him experience what it’s like to be a pilot! He can take the controls of our aircraft, fly high, soar those skies and feel like a real hero.

Explore off the Beaten Track

Stick ‘n Rudder was formed to help pilots safely explore locations and adventure places in an aircraft that others haven’t before. By giving him a voucher, your Dad will see what it’s like to learn to fly with us and explore off the beaten track. 

Flying an aeroplane is easier than most people think! Our trial flight has been designed for those who have a desire to experience what it’s like to be a pilot. Dad will have the opportunity to take control of the aeroplane whilst under the guidance of an experienced Stick ‘n Rudder instructor. He will enjoy climbing, descending and turning over some of the best scenery south-east Queensland has to offer. Send Dad on an adventure that creates memories that last a lifetime.

Learning to fly tailwheel in our Super Cub
Learning to fly a tailwheel aircraft

It Will Be Something to Brag About

Just imagine Dad back to work after the Father’s Day weekend, sharing those great ‘what did you get’ stories. He may still receive the homemade craft/art project but he can also brag that he is also gets to fly a plane.

Come on give Dad something to brag about and purchase our voucher to experience what it’s like to be the pilot and adventure only where the tailwheel aircraft can! 

Every kid looks up to their dad as the best superhero, now Dad can feel like the best superhero with this experience.  He will be grateful for the gift that provides a sense of freedom, achievement, and adventure.

Surprise Your Superhero Dad

Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with an experience that has him soaring through the sky. Purchase a voucher today to give him a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

Are you ready to learn to fly?


Take the controls, be the pilot and adventure only where the tailwheel aircraft can!


If you have any questions about the experience or you'd like us to make it that extra special for your Dad, please get in touch.