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Why is Stick 'n Rudder the leading provider of Flying Lessons?

Stick ‘n Rudder is regarded as the #1 flight training school because:

What are the benefits of your Flying Lessons?

From day one, you will be taking off in a tailwheel aircraft as we believe that tailwheel pilots make better pilots. The aircraft’s design encourages you to develop superior Stick ‘n Rudder skills, especially during take-off and landing. It also allows you to access airstrips that are off the beaten track.

All our courses are designed to be completed in short, fully immersive training blocks as this creates the ideal learning environment to achieve your goals. It not only improves retention rates of new information and skills, but it allows our instructors to spend one-on-one time with you, tailoring the course to your individual learning needs.

The Benefits:

Flying Lesson Options

We want to start with the right foundation, that’s why we teach on a tailwheel aircraft from day one. This provides new pilots with safer flying skills giving them greater confidence in the air. We offer 3 Flying Lesson Courses:


Flying Lesson Advanced Options

Our advanced training courses will take your flying skills to the next level. These are designed to provide pilots with precision aircraft control, advanced situational awareness, and decision-making skills. We offer 3 Advanced Flying Options:


When do we fly? 

We provide flight training Monday – Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for you to hire our planes and explore the skies.

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Ready to Enrol in our Flying Lessons?

Call, email or pop in to check our next availability. Payment of a course deposit locks in your spot immediately.