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Tailwheel or conventional undercarriage aircraft training is our speciality. Collectively, our flight instructors have tens of thousands of hours operating tailwheel aircraft and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and skills with you. Learning to fly tailwheel aircraft is for any pilot aspiring to improve their general flying skills. 


All of our students start by completing our online tailwheel training course. It features illustrations, interactive quizzes, along with written and video content to ensure you’re well prepared for the practical training ahead.

Flights will start with a short operational briefing reviewing the theory covered in our online course, however they will be tailored to your past experience and the weather conditions on the day. 

Our course covers the basic flying skills required to safely operate a tailwheel aircraft which are:

  • – Tailwheel ground handling
  • – The tailwheel takeoff
  • – 3 point landings
  • – Wheeler landings
  • – Crosswind takeoffs and landings
  • – Short-field takeoffs and landings

This will meet the requirements of a CASA design feature endorsement, however if you’re looking to take your new skills to the next level we also have you covered. We operate the legendary Piper Super Cub that is kitted out for bush operations. With access to many bush strips of vary complexity, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your skills while having a great time. 

*Bonus: The issue of a CASA Design feature like a tailwheel endorsement will renew your single engine class rating. I.e “flight review”. 

We are operating the legendary Piper Super Cub. It is fitted with many bush modifications, which include but are not limited to, vortex generators, an offset engine thrust line, 31″ alaskan bush wheels, 3″ extended landing gear, a belly pod and much more. 

It is the ultimate adventuring machine. 

The course takes around 5-8 flying hours to complete. This is generally completed by our students over 3-4 half days (4 hour block) of one-on-one training. It can also be completed in full day training blocks pending availability. 

Please note this is a competency based course and we are hear to make great tailwheel pilots not just tick boxes. 

Our rates:

  • – Instructor (Full Day – 8 hours): $655
  • – Instructor (Half Day – 4 hours): $355 
  • – Super Cub $355/hr Tacho


  • – Online tailwheel course $135 = Free of charge for our students 
  • – 3 x Instructor (Half Day) @ $355 = $1065
  • – 5hrs x Super Cub @ $355/hr = $1775
  • – Total = $2840

Non-refundable course deposit is $500

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Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our online tailwheel course.

Prepare for your practical tailwheel training with our online course. It features illustrations and interactive quizzes, along with written and video content by one of Australia’s most experienced tailwheel flight instructors. 

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