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It’s difficult to describe the feeling of freedom we feel as we “slip the surly bonds of earth” and take to the skies for whatever reason we decide to fly.  On the ground, we witness everything in an almost two-dimensional plane but airborne we experience a third dimension soaring through the air.  Whether it’s a dawn departure, setting off into the rising sun with nearby mountains poking through the fog, en route to an amazing breakfast, a breathtaking jolly across the bay to witness the humpback migration or the sights of Moreton Bay on a cracking afternoon, we pilots and those passengers with whom we share the adventure are privileged to treats impossible to encounter in any other way.

Do we really know what freedom feels like?

The above described so eloquently is from a recreational pilot, a pilot that works full time in the corporate world, who has described why a pilot’s licence will offer the feeling of freedom. In our daily lives, we may have endless freedom; freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom to do as we please, but do we really know what freedom feels like? 

Those who have discovered flying and achieving their pilot certificate or licence and actively live out their passion have felt what freedom feels like. 

Flying solo or taking your favourite mate on a flight, provides a sense of adventure, it makes you smarter, it keeps you learning and expanding your knowledge and it reminds you of what you are capable of doing. 

Beyond the exploration aspect of aviation, flying allows you to disconnect from those work emails, phone calls, texts and other personal distractions. As you pilot your own adventure, your focus on the details of the aircraft and a flight plan becomes all-consuming and that gives you freedom. 

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Our Top 5 Reasons

To summarise and for those who are short on time and attention, here are a few of our top reasons why a pilot license gives you freedom. 

Enjoy the freedom of flying a plane!

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