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Why become a pilot? 

There are over 10,000 recreational pilots in Australia, the most there has ever been. These lucky 10,000 Australians have found their “why” to become a pilot and now have a recreational pilot’s certificate so they can fly for fun.

With safer aircraft and advanced training tools, more people are taking up flying for recreation or to start their aviation careers. Well, at least those who know about it. 

Flying an aeroplane is easier than most people think and we are confident that we can teach anyone to fly

The Stick ‘n Rudder Step-by-Step Process

Step 1 – Contact Us

Contact us or come to our Caboolture location for a chat at our espresso bar and we’ll explain what’s involved in learning to fly. Most importantly we’ll give you a roadmap that outlines how we’ll guide you and tailor your training to achieve your flying goals.

Your flying goals could be anything including:

Trial Flight: Why not come try before you buy?

Our Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) is a way to experience the Stick ‘n Rudder flight school and gain a better understanding of the commitments and expectations of becoming a licensed pilot (RPC). We’ll explain what’s involved in learning to fly, but most importantly, we’ll give you a roadmap that outlines how we’ll guide you and tailor your training to achieve your flying goals.

Come for a chat at our espresso bar

Step 2 – Pay Your Course Deposit

Now that we know your goals and developed a training program tailored to you, it’s time to set a start date and pay your course deposit. The full payment is broken down into the following:

Step 3 – Training before hitting the skies

We recommend studying our pilot resources that we provide once your booking has been made. We also suggest obtaining Bob Tait Theory Text Book (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge – Recreational Aircraft) for $94.50.


Step 4 – It’s Time to Fly

After this, it’s time to fly! You’ll now be in the hands of Australia’s most experienced instructors who will guide you the rest of the way. Before you know it, you’ll be soaring the skies on your own. 

Step 5 – Graduation

The legal minimum hours to complete this course is 20 hours of flying + a flight test with our Chief Flying Instructor.*

*This certificate is competency-based. The time and cost required to complete this course will vary from student to student and is influenced by external factors like weather.

Maicon pilots his own adventure

Are you ready to learn to fly?


Take the controls, be the pilot and adventure only where the tailwheel aircraft can!


If you have any questions about our flight training or trial flights, please get in touch.