Bush flying, backcountry flying, or outback flying, no matter the name we call it, it is on the rise. 

The return of the old-school bush flying, or flying in the wilderness, for fun and travel is back better than ever. It has existed nearly as long as commercial bush flying, but in the past 25 years, this segment of outback flying has exploded. Pilots now fly their own planes decked out with the latest mods like big tires, advanced avionics, and modded engines becoming the new norm. 

The rise of personal backcountry flying has spread in a big way and we know why it is in popular demand! In this blog we share the reasons why bush pilots want to escape the ordinary and take this sport to new heights.

1. Explore Off the Beaten Track

Stick ‘n Rudder was formed to help pilots safely explore locations and adventure places that others haven’t before. Having the skills to be able to land anywhere gives pilots the confidence to fly anywhere. 

See what it’s like to learn to fly with us and explore off the beaten track, exploring the remote parts of  this country in a tailwheel aircraft

This flight experience is designed for:

2. Escape the Ordinary!

This bush flying experience includes:

3. Become a Better & More Experienced Pilot

There is an increased level of risk involved with bush flying, but with that comes a great level of reward. This introduction to bush flying experience begins with a short briefing (tailored to you) on some of the additional factors to consider when operating at  these exclusive bush strips. These strips vary in complexity, some with level surfaces and good approaches whilst others are limited to single direction takeoffs/landings and sloping surfaces. 

Ready to join the Bush Flying revolution?

Be part of the movement and join us for this once-niche segment that has become attainable and achievable.

Do you hold a current pilot licence and are you a member of RA AUS? This experience is about 4 hours duration with a flight time of 2 hours in our Eurofox, the ideal bush flying aircraft. 

Become a bush pilot today!


Escape the ordinary & become a bush pilot.


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