Exploring the Australian Beaches


Why explore the Australian Beaches

How Stick ‘n Rudder helps you explore the Australian Beaches?

Unlike most flight schools, Stick ‘n Rudder have designed flying courses to be undertaken as short, fully immersive training blocks. We also work with you to understand your goals for flying, so you can fully live out your dream.

Why Stick ‘n Rudder offer a great location, location, location?

Stick ‘n Rudder operates from Caboolture Airfield which is ideal for our students to travel to and from. It offers the perfect backdrop as we have Bribie Island beaches, Tangalooma Wrecks and Moreton Island for amazing scenery for our every day training. Spotting the wildlife, soaring over vast stretches of beautiful deserted beaches is a common occurrence for our pilots.

Why does flying give you freedom

Those who have discovered flying and achieving their pilot certificate or licence and actively live out their passion have felt what freedom feels like. 

Flying solo or taking your favourite mate on a flight to the beach, provides a sense of adventure, and it keeps you learning and expanding your knowledge, constantly reminding you what you can do. Learn more about why a pilot license gives you freedom here.

Stick n’ Rudder’s favourite beaches to explore?

Ready to Become a Pilot & Explore Our Beaches?

Our aim is to not just teach pilots how to fly but how to feel freedom and take to the skies for whatever reason we decide to fly. 


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